On 22nd September 2021, GRA organized a dialogue between People affected by stone blasting activities for the development of Oil roads and district leaders in Kakumiro District. The meeting centered on the effects of the Rock Blasting activities that have stretched for over a period of two years leaving many houses and property damaged. In this meeting, PAPs presented a petition to the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for urgent interventions especially for the people that have not been compensated since the start of the stone blasting activities. The meeting was also graced by the District Internal Security Officer (DISO), District East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Focal Point Person and the Principal Assistant Secretary for the grievance management committee. By practice, compensation for the effects of rock blasting is usually given to people in the radius of 500 metres. However, stone blasting for the Buhimba-Nalweyo-Igayaza- Kakumiro road has been seen to affect even individuals outise the 500 metre buffer zone including Kyerimira Catholic Church. This forms basis for the petition led by the GRA Community Based Monitor, Ambrose Kisembo calling for consideration of all people affected. 

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